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Pocket Space

by Pocket Space


Idle Arcade with sandbox, crafting and RPG elements with multiplayer and a universe of player-owned planets....

Rocket Mission II

Raffle tickets for 1x Mythical Planet NFT and Tier 1-6 skins

Tournament Dates

November 24, 11:00 PM December 1, 11:00 PM


For a week, explore this tiny planet and bring resources to grow your rocket! Play to win raffle tickets for mythical NFTs and rewards. Note: your score will show up on the leaderboard upon reaching level 2 and above.

Mini Rocket Mission

Free mints, Gold + Silver WL

Tournament Dates

September 26, 3:00 PM September 29, 3:00 PM


Gather resources and fight enemies on this tiny planet. Bring the essentials to level up your rocket and take off! Play to get a Silver WL. Climb the leaderboard to win Gold WL and free mints. This is our first mobile tournament... 3 days only on Fractal, enjoy!