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[Metawana arrested game development] Metawana is a fun play-and-earn game where players can cultivate rare and exotic NUGS, evolve them into powerful Battle Buds that compete in PvP contests, and receive in-game rewards every step of the way. Each NUG / Battle Bud are NFTs created with a unique traits and paired with dynamic in-game abilities and rarities.

About the game

Metawana is a decentralized play-and-earn game that combines cultivation, strategy and exciting gameplay with the opportunity to digitally own unique game assets and earn crypto rewards. Metawana is set in the Highlands, a once-happy place that produced the very finest cannabis until a greedy gang devastated the crops and enslaved the inhabitants. The Highlands are ruled by might and desperation until a mysterious traveler named Reefa teaches villagers to farm the NUGS and evolve them, via ancient hemp magic, into mighty Battle Buds. Can the unruly Battle Buds be trained to reclaim the villager’s lost paradise?




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